Monday, 17 September 2012

Decluttering is...

A picture is worth a thousands words, so here is an 8,000-word photo essay for you.

Decluttering is...

... having all your clothes fit into a chest of drawers
- and needing only two laundry baskets;
one for darks, one for whites. 

... taking all the socks you never really use to the
textile recycling bin.

... owning only 5 pairs of shoes plus flip-flops
(not present when the picture was taken: my wellies).
... getting massively excited when a charity bag arrives
in the mail from a place that accepts bric-a-brac
(no, I'm not giving them my old cassette tapes,
I am about to convert them to MP3s).
... paring down your kitchen cupboard to just
a few choice items. 
... getting a real kick out of gaining space.

... seriously downsizing your library
and giving your bookshelves away to a friend.
... keeping the stuff you really love.

Decluttering is fun, but beware:

Decluttering is highly addictive.