Monday, 11 March 2013

I decluttered my hair again + audio update

It's been a while since my last blog post so I have recorded a situation report for you.

I hope you will enjoy listening to it - obviously I saved the 'juiciest gossip' for last! ;o)

Here's a direct link in case the SoundCloud widget doesn't show up in your reader.

Since YouTube ate the video I made, I am including some photos of my 'new' hair:

The decluttered hair.

The end result. Seriously weird photo, though!
I love my new do - it's practical in so many ways. Being 'short' in the back, it means I'm less likely to need a shower in the first place (long hair is hot!). Once in the shower, it takes less time, water and shampoo to clean it, so that's both economically and environmentally friendly, not to mention handy in the campsites where showers only work for a certain amount of time. I've also tried to dye it back to my natural colour (whatever that is these days), but the last time I dyed it I went for a brownish colour and as you can see it still looks quite blonde. So I guess I'll just wait till my roots start showing before I try again. The reasoning behind this is that if I can find a colour to match my natural hair colour, I won't suddenly find myself having to dye my hair in some random campsite on the continent somewhere. Which can only be a good thing, surely. ;o)