Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Introducing Betty

Betty - reverse parked in the driveway by yours truly.
OK, so I had a little guidance, but it still counts!
Meet Betty. Ain't she a beauty? She's my first car! :oD

She is named after her former owner, a lovely old lady who is an identical twin, just like my nieces. Betty the lovely old lady used to have a springer spaniel as well. I bought Betty the car from Betty the lovely old lady's husband Geoffrey today, got insured on her and drove her back home. Via the motorway. That was a bit exciting!

Betty is a bit of a marvel, she is a 97-model Vauxhall Corsa but more experienced drivers tell me she handles like a 6-year old car. She has got incredibly low mileage as well. I drove her down to the beach a little earlier, what an amazing sense of freedom that was!

Betty the beauty on the beach.
Well, I could go on gushing about Betty for a while, but I am fully booked with work for a whole week, so I shall have to curb my enthusiasm for a little while now. It's weird to think that I have a car parked out in the driveway that is all mine, though. And that I can take her out for a drive whenever I want to. And that it will all be allowed and legal and stuff. It will take a while getting used to that kind of freedom, it's only a week since I got my driving licence! :oD

By the way, in case you were wondering, Betty is just a temporary car, my next vehicle will be a campervan! But Betty will give me some much-needed driving experience before I attempt to drive a much bigger vehicle abroad. Which I am sure you all will agree can only be a good thing! :oD