Monday, 12 August 2013

It’s all coming together!

Today I put nearly everything I own into Victor – and it fits!!

It's official: I am a packing wiz.
Last week I donated another bag full of clothes to charity, which surprised me, as the amount of clothes I have left would probably fit in a charity bag now as well!

I’ve taken delivery of lots of things I will need for my travels. An EHU cable (electric hook-up at campsites) with UK and European adapters arrived today. It’s huge and weighs a ton, but I haven’t managed to do without electricity altogether (yet). I will need it for my laptop charger and various other chargers. Thermal screens for Victor arrived last week (you can catch a glimpse of them in the lower left hand corner in the photo above).

Last week, my awning arrived. It is apparently really lightweight, at ‘only’ 12.4 kg… Obviously the first thing I saw when I opened it was a warning that you’d need “at least two people” to erect it. Two people or one Neens, I figured, and headed out into the garden, where I erected it with no problems.

This is the Awning of the Age of Aquarius...

 I even managed to erect it without a vehicle to attach it to and on a patch of a lawn that was far too small, lol! The awning is supposed to be 3 x 2.8 meters, but it seemed more like 4 x 4 to me. Lots of extra space for Albiepops and me!

I’ve also got a new SIM card from Toggle, which allows you to call at local rates in over 20 countries or something, if memory serves. I can keep my UK number and add another 9 local numbers in the various countries I visit, so people can call me at local rates (or free, if they have a contract with free minutes). And there are some great data bundles as well, should I need it. But I have ordered a MiFi with another SIM card for my computer. I’m still waiting for that one to arrive.

I will test the Toggle SIM in a few weeks, as there has been a small change of plans. My ex gets two weeks off work at the beginning of September so he offered to look after Albie and Victor so I could fly to Norway. That was really nice of him! I got a great deal on flights and trains, so I will save a lot of money this way, and it also gives me more time to get everything sorted here. I wouldn't have had time to visit everyone I wanted to see in Norway anyway, as it's getting colder over there already. It also would have meant travelling during the high season, when everything is more expensive. When I get back from Norway I will probably head south pretty soon, although depending on the weather I might spend a little time in a UK campsite, to make sure I’ve got everything I need and that everything works as it should. The great thing about having a home on wheels is that I don’t have to plan everything out in advance – I can just relax and take things as they come.

Speaking of my ex, if you don’t follow me on facebook, you will have missed the status update I posted on Tuesday (I've noticed the text below doesn't show up in feed readers, hopefully this has been fixed now):

It took him just over two years, but my ex finally became a father this morning. I've been single for 14 months, so I'll leave you to do the maths on that one. That innocent child has cost me a lot, but I hope to one day look back at this period of my life and see that it was a blessing in disguise. I truly hope the little boy will be a blessing to his father. I've now got two weeks left to enjoy the paradise that once was my home before saying goodbye to it and to my beloved Chestiechops. It hurts like hell but I'll come back to the UK next summer to visit my precious little moon dog.

I was feeling a bit blue for a few days – I was surprised at how overwhelming it suddenly felt, despite the fact that I’ve been prepared for it for ages. (By the way, some of my friends didn’t understand my little maths assignment – basically it is not the first time this woman has been pregnant by the man who is now my ex. Nor is it the second. My high ideals about unconditional love (and most likely also the state of shock I was in) made me forgive him the first time, but when he packed his bags and walked out on me during a silly fight (about chewing gum, of all things!) a year later and I didn’t forgive him instantly, he ran straight back to her. I have kept quiet about these things for the longest time, but now that the child is here, there is no point in protecting anyone any longer. This is what happened, it is part of my story, and I have the right to tell it.)

My cheeky chappie Chestiechops

By the way, Chestiechops the gorgeous moon dog decided to eat the face off my Winnie The Pooh that day, you know, just so I won't miss him so much when I go away. In the past few weeks, he has also eaten one of my bras, a tupperware box, my crocs and my flip-flops. Moon dog or not, he knows something's up...

Now that's just not nice...
Teddies should be tattered and threadbare
though, shouldn't they? I superglued the
eye back on and stitched up the gashes
under Winnie's snout as best I could...

As always, when life gets a bit too ridiculous, I escape into the Potterverse. A lovely friend gave me the audiobooks read by Stephen Fry and they have been a fabulous distraction over the past week. Thank you so much, J! <3

Back to my preparations, though. I’ve now lived without a TV, fridge, freezer, hob and oven for a long time. And it really is no hardship at all. The next step is to stop using the washing machine. Uh-oh. I’ve started handwashing all my clothes – it’s not really a big job now that I have so few of them, and obviously the fact that the weather is hot helps both in terms of the clothes not being very big and bulky, and because they dry quickly. I haven’t tried handwashing my bedlinen yet, though! I’m half toying with the idea of just buying another silk liner and not using bedlinen at all – the silk liner must be handwashed anyway, and I’ve done it twice with the one I’ve already got and it’s not a problem. My gorgeous, soft but unfortunately quite thick and heavy organic cotton bedlinen is another matter… On the other hand, if I start using silk liners instead I can take my sleeping bag instead of my duvet. Decisions, decisions…

Right, it is now past 9.30 pm and as I still haven’t started working today, I think I will just relax this evening with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (well I obviously have all the films on iTunes as well!). Have a good evening!

Love Neens xx

PS: I've been told the video link in my previous post didn't work - I think that should be fixed now, but please let me know if you still have trouble playing it.